Frequently Asked Question

A) Products & Catalogue:-

1) What does it mean by “Out of stock” when looking at products at time of order?

Ans.- "Out of stock" on "Medishort"  means this product is currently not available for selling by seller.

2) Are all medicines listed on Retail medishort are available on retail medishort website?

Ans.- Yes , all the products listed on "Medishort" are available on website but due to the offline selling by seller product might go out of stock.

3) Do the Retail medishort keep same products as listed on website?

Ans.- Yes , "Medishort" keep same product on website.

4) How lowest price offer work?

Ans.- Lowest price offer totally depends on offer provided by seller + coupon code offer provided by retail medishort.

5) What if expiry date medicines are supplied from Retail medishort?

Ans.- We  "Medishort" don’t provide any expired medicine products to chemists/customers even if we supplied expired product,we shortly replace that product after the regular checking procedure.


B) Order:-

1) Is my order confidential?

Ans.- Yes, your order is confidential on Medishort.

2) How do I cancel my order?

Ans.- On medishort you can always cancel your order.

          At the time of placing order : You can simply click on cross sign near product at a time of checkout.

          After the placement of order :  If you want to cancel your order of the complete procedure you can simply send mail with ORDERED ID to customercare@medishort.com.

3) How can I tract my progress of order?

Ans.- You will always get notify by Medishort with the SMS on your registered mobile number.

4) What happen if I do not receive any confirmation mail of my order?

Ans.- Customer always get confirmation mail and SMS from Medishort about order on your Registered number and email Id. Even if unfortunately, you didn’t get confirmation you can contact to customer care.

5) How can I change address on my order?

Ans.- Customer can change address of your order by entering new delivery address in delivery details section at time of check out. Following Simply click on “I want to use a new address” and enter new delivery address and select it for delivery of that products.

6) What do I do if ordered medicine or products are damaged as not ordered?

Ans.- Contact customer care and Apply for Replacement of the product. Replacement will be done after the procedural checkup.

Contact customer care and Apply for Replacement of the product. Replacement will be done after the procedural checkup.

7) Can I return ordered medicines or healthcare products?

Ans.- Yes, Customer can return their product according to the Medishort return policy.


C) Payment: -

1) How can I pay for my order?

Ans.- You can pay by online or Cash On Delivery (COD) option for your order.

2) Can I use gift/voucher to pay for my order?

Ans.- Yes, You can use gift/voucher to pay for your order.